Wedding Wise Guy Answers Wedding Planning Questions!

Wedding Wise Guy Answers Wedding Planning Questions! Wedding Wise Guy has a wealth of information to help answer your wedding planning questions. We can help make sure your day runs smoothly and stress free! Planning your wedding will most likely be the largest event you will ever plan. Most couples allow up to 12 months to plan their wedding. There are churches, reception halls, hotels, caterers, florists, entertainment, photographers, videographers, wedding favors, wedding dress, tuxedos and much more to coordinate, book and purchase.... also don't forget the honeymoon! All of this is a lot of work and can seem daunting...

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Favors You Keep is a family owned & operated business since 1987.

Customized and Personalized wedding favors are what started this business but it has not ended there. Since 1987, our small family business has led the industry with fresh ideas that inspire the imagination. Our product line has grown from wedding guest gifts to sturdy customized wedding welcome bags, wedding cocktail napkins, Save The Dates, Thank You notes, water bottle labels, wedding koozies, stadium cups and the list goes on & on.


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Wedding Planning Answers!

Here at Wedding Wise Guy we don’t have a mission …We’re on a mission!

The wedding industry is like the Land of Oz. I want to pull back the curtain and show you what is going on behind the scenes. With thirty years in the wedding industry, I am anxious to share my knowledge. The business of weddings is larger than the recording industry and the breakfast food industry put together. It is made up of small businesses, large businesses and corporate businesses pretending to be small businesses.

When you are planning your wedding, you are dealing with issues that are probably new to you. You probably never had a budget to spend of this size. You probably never had to negotiate contracts. You’ve never interviewed a vendor. You are bringing families together, collaborating with people who have a different sense of style, spending other people’s money; it’s mind-boggling.

I have found that a lot of the trouble can be avoided if you just knew what questions to ask. This is the number one reason things go awry. What difference does it make which store you register in? This question and a thousand more will be discussed to prepare you for battle. There is so much stacked against you. I want to give you the unvarnished truth to equip you in making the best decisions.

Because, after all, this is one of the biggest days of your life. You want to be able to relax and enjoy the day. You want everything to come together perfectly to create a spectacular memory that you and your family and friends can remember forever.