Personalized Printed Napkins

Personalize Your Event with Custom Napkins

For an inexpensive but useful touch for your wedding, personalized beverage napkins can add decor to your table or bar. The terms “beverage” and “cocktail” refer to the same thing. And that is a napkin that measures 5.5” x 5.5”. It’s the perfect size for the bar, passed hors d’hoeuvres, the cake table, candy buffet, s’mores bar, chocolate fountain etc.

wedding napkins personalized

The luncheon napkin measures 6.5”.x.6.5”. Obviously it is designed for either a midday wedding with more casual food offerings. This size is not intended to replace the cocktail napkin. It is intended to be used with more substantial foods than the cocktail size.

The dinner napkin has been re-invented and it now is called the guest towel. I love this napkin. Instead of the giant square it used to be, it is folded for you. It measures folded 4.5” wide and 8.5” long. It lays at the table setting under the forks in perfect position. It can also decorate the top plate and become part of and enhance the table décor.

One of my favorite things to do with the guest towel is to have them in a basket in the ladies room. This is one of those special touches that people don’t usually think about. No detail too small!

wedding napkins personalized

The decorative possibilities of printed napkins are endless. The printing processes have become more technically advanced as well.

All napkins are not the same in quality. There is a 2-ply, 3-ply, linen-like, pin-dot edge, coin edge, no edge and napkins that don’t feel like napkins.

The 2-ply napkin is what you would find at McDonalds. No suitable to special events.

If you want to help break the ice at a cocktail reception, use a fun cartoon. Use a hashtag, a photo, print the recipe of your Signature Cocktail if you have one.

personalized color wedding napkins

How to calculate the number of napkins to order?

Cocktail Hour: Every time your guest takes a drink, he will take a new napkin. The condensation from the glass will make the napkin all sloppy. Some people will take only one napkin. Some will take three. I would recommend at least two per person for the bar.

Cake Table: 1.25 per person

Passed Hors d’oeuvres: 2.5 per person

Candy Buffet: 1.25 per person

S’more’s Table: 2 per person

Have someone in your House Party be responsible to collecting any unused napkins at the end. Use them for your anniversary parties in the future. Better to have too many than too few.

Yes your caterer can supply napkins. But do they have all the napkin options available? They are not printers or designers. The caterers are not giving you napkins for free. There is a cost in the bill somewhere. It may just not be itemized. Don’t skimp on your napkins. Have fun with them instead.

wedding beverage napkins

Be sure to order some extras, if you are going to have custom wedding welcome bags for your guests consider putting several of your personalized napkins in the bag. It’s sure to be a nice touch.

You can find a fabulous selection of customized, personalized napkins at Favors You Keep!

wedding cocktail napkins

wedding beverage napkins

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