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How to Pick The Perfect Wedding Stationer

Sometimes you just need a professional. Like when you need brain surgery or when you are planning to remodel your kitchen. If I were to tell you that 40 percent of brides are buying their wedding gowns off the internet sight un-seen, would you be surprised, even shocked? I could never even buy a pair of jeans off the internet, let alone a wedding gown. The same can be said for the one thing that guarantees a great party, the wedding invitations and stationery.

Picking The Perfect Wedding Invitations

The invitation does more than invite people, it excites people, or it should. It sets the tone and motivates your guests to make those travel plans, take off work, buy a gift, have their nails done and buy a new suit. A great invitation does not just happen out of thin air. It is the result of the fertile imagination and loving care of an experienced local stationer.

Coordinated Wedding InvitationsYour experienced local stationer will represent many vendors with different paper qualities you can touch and feel. You cannot get that online. Your experienced local stationer can give you a wide range of prices where you can compare the products side by side. You cannot get that online. Your local stationer will have a vested interest in your order and see the successful outcome of your order as her own personal accomplishment. You absolutely cannot get that online.

The selection process is a long and winding road. Sometimes you start in one place and end up in an entirely different place. You think you wanted an invitation that looks one way, but wait, what about this? You did not know this option existed. If you don’t know something exists, how can you search for it online? You can’t. Your experienced local stationer has spent many years surveying the paper industry and traveling to stationery markets to learn the current trends in printing technologies, fonts, formats and social etiquette.

There is a misconception that buying online will save you money.   While that may be true some of the time, the online purveyors would have you believe that it is true all of the time. Most of the sites are charging the same amount for the same products that your local stationer would charge. The big difference is that your local stationer will hold your hand and shepherd you through the process.

Blue and White Wedding Invitations

When an online company receives your order, no human being looks at that order. It is completely automated. If you make an error in spacing or punctuation, it will get printed that way. Your experienced local stationer will only be satisfied when your order is LETTER-PERFECT.

Maybe being a stationer is not as important as brain surgery, but when you are planning an event and need fabulous wedding invitations, you want someone who thinks it IS as important.

Wedding Invitations

NINE important guidelines to help you pick the Perfect Stationery and Wedding Invitations.

  1. The perfect stationer will have at least three years of experience.  That does not include doing her own wedding invitations and those of three of her best friends.
  2. The perfect stationer will have at least 20 different albums. If your wedding stationer only represents Carlson Craft, head for the door.
  3. The perfect stationer should believe she has a vested interest in the order. She should embrace the order as if it were her own and see the outcome as her own personal achievement.
  4. The perfect stationer does not like cookie-cutter weddings and cookie-cutter invitations. Your invitations should reflect your own sense of style.
  5. The perfect stationer should return phone calls promptly. This is a key complaint through-out the entire wedding industry.
  6. The perfect stationer should stay with your order from the first appointment until the last item is picked up. You want continuity, not a parade of different part-timers handling your important order.
  7. The perfect stationer should keep up with current trends. This demonstrates a commitment to her business, to her customers & to the stationery business.
  8. The perfect stationer knows the value of her worth. Discounting the work to get more and more clients ends with inferior products and less-than-stellar customer service.
  9. If your stationer does not know the difference between stationery and stationary, run for the hills.

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Wedding Invitations

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