Wedding Welcome Bags for Out-of-Town Guests

Do You Need Wedding Welcome Bags?

In a word, yes. Providing wedding welcome bags for your guests staying in hotels is a gracious courtesy that your out-of-town guests will really appreciate. Do you remember the time you arrived in some strange city and got to your hotel room late at night? Your options, a $4.00 bottle of water and a $5.00 Milky Way from the honor system mini-bar, a $25.00 hamburger from room service, or starve to death.

But wait, your wonderful hosts anticipated your plight and provided you with a swag bag with fresh fruit, trail mix, chocolate chip cookies and bottled water. Fortified with these goodies, you are able to wait until morning when the complimentary breakfast is served.

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Consider for a moment the effort your guests exerted in order to attend your wedding. Assuming they are normal people and not flying in on Donald Trump’s private jet, they had to ask off work, use up their precious vacation days and vacation budget (to fly to Detroit?), buy a new dress or suit, have their nails done, visit a tanning salon, get a haircut, buy a gift, travel by air or car costing lots of money or saved up points, take a taxi or shuttle from the airport, tip a bellman? Are there still bellman?

Traveling is a hassle. It is tiring and expensive. So when your wedding guests arrive at the hotel and they are warmly greeted by a pretty and welcoming guest bag that you painstakingly prepared and designed with them in mind, they feel their efforts are appreciated. The message the hotel welcome bag delivers to your wedding guests is more than just Thanks for Coming. The message is “WOW, you are awesome and we love that you made this big trip and all the sacrifices to come be with us on our special day”. Of course you can’t say all that on the bag, but the welcome guest gift bag demonstrates that you too went to trouble and expense and considered what they would like.

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These bags are surprisingly roomy, sturdy and can accommodate all that is necessary. The bags measure approximately   8” x 10” x 5” deep. The handle adds another 5”.  The next size up from there is really too big for most weddings. The larger size measures 16” x 12” x 6” which is more appropriate for destination weddings where you would want to put in a beach towel and flip flops etc. The cost of this size welcome bag is significantly higher.

When budgeting for your wedding, do not skimp on those small thoughtful things that will add to the enjoyment of your guests. They will not know the difference if your roses come from Oregon or Brazil but they will feel the difference in how they are greeted and valued.

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Who receives the wedding welcome bags?

A hotel welcome bag is usually for one couple or one person. If two groomsmen are sharing a hotel room, they should each receive their own welcome bag.

How do you stuff the hospitality bags?

Most of the hotel welcome bags on our site are stuffed with 3 or 4 pieces of tissue paper. That’s because our welcome bag examples are empty! We recommend actually using 2 pieces of tissue paper in each gift bag. One piece is OK but could look a bit skimpy.

You could assemble your hospitality bag in one of the following ways
Put one piece of tissue paper in first. Add your goodies. Top off with the second piece of tissue paper.
Or put both of the tissue papers in first. When laying out your tissue paper, do not stack the sheets corner to corner but rather skew them to give the edges a ‘handkerchief’ look.

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What to put in your hospitality bags

The most common thing that is put in the wedding hospitality bags (OOT bags) is bottled water. Our bags will hold 2 bottles of water nestled with the goodies. You can even personalize the water balls with customized and personalized water bottle labels.

If your wedding is in Napa Valley, you might want to forgo the water and put in a small bottle of local wine. If your wedding is in Texas, you might want to put in hot sauce, packages of our Pecans or some personalized Mint Tins. Visit your local Farmers’ Market, if available, for ideas about regional products.

An agenda, itinerary or map of the weekend events. You might have all that on your website but often guests forget to bring it with them and don’t have web access.

An inexpensive or even free way to fill up your wedding guest gift bag is to visit the local visitors’ center. They will give you armloads of maps, free coupons and brochures.

Do you have a favorite cookie, candy or muffin recipe? Put a freshly baked sample in the wedding guest gift bag along with the recipe.

From Costco or similar, get small travel size packages of Tylenol, gum, or mints, hand sanitizer and tissues.

Fresh fruit would be much appreciated or other similar snacks not found in a mini bar. I recommend fresh oranges because they do not easily bruise.

Download free Sudoku or crossword puzzles and put them in the wedding welcome bags with a new sharp pencil. It’s a fun way to unwind in their hotel rooms before turning off the light.

No matter what you put in your wedding welcome bags, your guests are sure to truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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